Como pescar em água doce

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Como pescar em água doce

  • Pro Angler Tip - Okuma Komodo SS

    Okuma Sweden angler Mogge Lewin is out chasing big predators. The Komodo SS baitcaster is tagging along on different setups. A reel that has quickly become a good friend out on the water Mogge says. Check out why he recommends the Komodo SS and what features that he thinks comes in handy when out fishing!

  • Pro Angler Tip - Locate & Target a river pike

    Today we are deep diving into the understandings of fishing a classic river for pike. A informative video were we are covering a lot of the basics in fishing a river. Methods, lures and different techniques. A video for the angler who seeks information. Enjoy!

  • Pro Angler Tip - Spring trolling for pike

    Do you want to learn more about trolling? Still wonder what gear to buy? Today we are doing a step by step walk-through, learning everything you´ll need to know on trolling for early spring pike in cold waters. Swedish Okuma Pro Angler Mogge Lewin is showing some Rods and reels from Okuma that suits the occasion perfectly. The Okuma Coldwater reels and the Magda finn rods are a great weapon in your trolling sessions. explaining suitable fishing areas, use of side-planers and some great go-to lures! Join us!

  • Pro Angler Tip - Rod & reel combo for perch.

    When fishing for perch you need a rod and reel that is both responsive but and sensitive. A good and trustworthy reel and rod builds confidence. Our Swedish Pro Angler, Mogge Lewin gives his best tip of his own personal spinning combo. Check him out!

  • Secret Lure Revealed that Catches BIG FISH - Ft. Jacob Wheeler

    Watch the video and see how Jacob Wheeler uses this kind of old school lure to catch BIG FISH.

  • Flippin Reeds- Tips & Techniques with Jacob Wheeler

    You ever wonder what runs through the mind of a touring professional fisherman. What techniques they would use in certain situations.

  • Trolling with the Downrigger

    Denis Isbister of Wild Fish Wild Places TV gives us some inside advice and tips on how he stays successful while on the troll for giant cutthroat trout on Pyramid Lake in Nevada.

  • Jerkbait Techniques - Jacob Wheeler

    Okuma and Bassmaster Elite Pro Jacob Wheeler gives us some tips on his jerkbait techniques, and how to entice those fish not so willing to bite into massive strikes.

  • Fishing for Giant Striped Bass with Balloon Rig and Planer Board

    Brycen Roberts of Tennessee River Monsters gives us a couple of how to tips on fishing for monster Striped Bass.

  • [How To] Fishing the Swim Jig for Bass

    In this episode of Okuma How To, Will Doud-Martin discussed fishing the Swim Jig for bass. The swim jig is a very effective technique for catching bass in both freshwater and saltwater. Consisting of a jig head, skirt and swim tail, this is a fairly basic set up that drive bass crazy. Will discusses rigging and fishing the swim jig.

  • [How To] Top 5 Baits for Fall Bass On Lake Fork Texas

    Okuma Pro and Lake Fork Guide Byron Chaves discusses his Top 5 baits for big bass on Lake Fork in the fall. As a guide on Lake Fork, Byron has many hours on the water. He knows what works and what doesn't. This selection of baits is his go to for Lake Fork, but can also be yours on your home lake as well.

  • [How To] Rigging and Fishing The Ned Rig

    Okuma Pro Paul Herber discusses the popular Ned Rig and gives some tips and techniques on how to rig and fish this effective set up

  • [How To] Fishing Deep Diving Crankbaits

    Lake Fork Guide Byron Chaves gives some tips and techniques on fishing the super popular Deep Diving Crankbaits such as the 10XD.

  • [How To] Fishing The Flatline

    A really powerful technique for many species of fish is working the flatline. Once you determine where the fish are hanging out, you can get your bait to that level. In this video, Denis Isbister of Wild Fish Wild Places gives some tips and techniques on fishing the flatline up at Pyramid Lake for giant Cutthroat Trout.

  • [How To] Fishing The Buzzbait

    The Buzzbait is an incredible topwater bait that is extremely effective if fished correctly in the proper conditions. Here is a video by Okuma Pro and Lake Fork Guide Byron Chaves on fishing the buzzbait.

  • [How To] Modifying Your Crankbaits

    Okuma Pro Byron Chaves is a guide on Lake Fork Texas. He specializes on getting his clients on big fish. In this video he gives some tips and techniques on getting your deep diving crankbaits dialed in.

  • [How To] Best Braid to Fluoro Knot Ever? The Alberto Knot

    Here is a video from Okuma Pro Will Doud-Martin on tying the Alberto Knot. This is a great connection knot for Braid to Fluoro or Mono leaders. It is fairly simple to tie and easy to learn.

  • [How To] Increased Hookups Fishing The Shakeyhead

    Mark Lassagne of Bass Angler Magazine gives some great tips and techniques for fishing the shakeyhead. A very effective way to entice wary bass.

  • [How To] Properly Bounce a Fish into the Boat

    Mark Lassagne from Bass Angler Magazine gives you a couple of tips on how to preserve the life of your rods by properly bouncing fish.

  • [How To] Effectively Fish Topwater Baits

    Bass Angler Magazines Will Doud-Martin gives a few tips and techniques on effectively fishing topwater baits.

  • [How To] Catch More Trout Slow Trolling

    Want to catch more trout? This short video gives some tips and techniques that you may find useful on your next trout fishing adventure. This technique will definitely help you Catch More Trout Slow Trolling.

  • [How To] Setting Up a Punching Rig

    Punching is an incredibly effective technique around the country when chasing bass. In this video, Bass Angler Magazine editor Will Doud-Martin gives some tips and techniques on getting set up for Punching using the Soft Steel Covert Braid.

  • [How To] Drop Shotting for Bass

    In this brief tutorial, Mark Lassagne of Bass Angler Magazine gives some tips and techniques on fishing the Drop Shot. He talks bait, rigging and gear to get you going on this popular technique.

  • [How To] Fishing Spoons for Bass

    A really effective way to catch bass is by working a spoon. This can be deep water as well as fairly shallow water fishing. The Spoon technique is a highly effective way to get active fish feeding. In this video Mark Lassagne of Bass Angler Magazine gives us some tips and techniques on fishing the spoon for bass.

  • [How To] Fishing A Frog From A Kayak

    Will Doud-Martin of Bass Angler Magazine gives us some insight into his techniques of fishing frogs for bass from a kayak. Fishing from a kayak requires a some additional skills. This video gives you a brief how to on becoming successful.

  • [How To] Braid vs. Fluoro when Flipping for Bass

    Okuma pro Todd Kline discussed the benefits of using braided and fluorocarbon lines when flipping heavy cover for bass.

  • [How To] Fishing Tullies for Largemouth Bass

    Okuma Pro Todd Kline walks us through some tips and techniques for fishing Tullies for Largemouth Bass.

  • [How To] Fishing Lipless Crankbaits for Walleye

    The team from In-Depth Outdoors gives us some tips on fishing Lipless Cranksbaits for walleye in this installment of Okuma How to.

  • [How To] Choosing Your Musky Trolling Set Up

    Pat McSharry from In-Depth Outdoors gives us a little insight on choosing the proper set up when trolling for musky. His go-to is the EVX 8'6" musky rod paired with the Coldwater Line Counter. He also spools that with 100lb braided line as these fish are tough and you need to turn their head and get them to the boat.

  • [How To] Casting For Musky

    Pat McSharry of In-Depth Outdoors shares a couple of tips on cold weather Musky fishing. When the weather drops in temperature, and you are ready to head out Musky Fishing, you want to choose the right gear. Pat gives a couple of tips on keeping your hands warm and gear selection on chasing that fish of a thousand casts.