Striped Bass
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Choosing the perfect rod and reel for a target species can be a daunting task. With the understanding that each species comes in variable sizes and different techniques are best served by different product attributes, we offer the following suggestions to help narrow your search.
Trio Rex Arena

Experienced surf anglers are excellent at positioning themselves for success. Whether it’s their approach to structure or the angle at which they attack a rip line, the mechanics of a given technique in a large part dictate success. The other defining factor is distance. Greater casting distance equals greater available target water. The all-new Okuma Trio- Rex Arena delivers a total commitment to distance, constructed upon a foundation of strength. The Trio Rex Arena TXA-60 spinning reel is a size 60 featuring a shallow, large diameter long-cast spool design. With a capacity of 340 –yards of 14-pound monofilament, the reel carries an expansive amount of 30-, 50- or 65-pound braid. The spool design ensures that all of the capacity is functional, instead of being buried within the depths of a standard spool.  

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Inspira Spinning
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Solterra SLX
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