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Sailfish are beautiful, acrobatic and spirited fighters. For size, Sailfish are not overly large. Conventional reels in sizes 15 are about perfect for casting baits to sailfish, as are 65 and 80 size spinning reels in standard and baitfeeder models. Trolling gear is larger. Rods for 25- and 30-pound monofilament are just the ticket.
Andros Two Speed: A-Series

The Okuma Andros was the first reel designed and manufactured to maximize the experience when fishing small-diameter, high-strength braided lines. Andros delivers high-powered construction elements and amazing drag output to land larger fish on smaller, more agile gear than ever before possible. The Andros “a” platform has received numerous upgrades, new cosmetics and welcomes all-new larger sizes including the A-12IIa, A-12SIIa and A-16IIa.  

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It’s been years since Okuma Makaira and Andros reel technologies radically advanced big game fishing reel performance. Within Metaloid, key concepts of these industry-leading platforms take shape in a more accessible package, radically advancing power and performance available to everyday anglers. Metaliod includes three sizes, a M-5SN (narrow), M-5S and M-12S, each available in single speed as well as 2-speed design. These six reels cover the range from vertical jigging to live bait, casting to light trolling for species up to sailfish and yellowfin tuna. 

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Andros Special Edition

In the high-stakes world of sailfish and white marlin tournaments, precision from every aspect of reel design is a necessity. From the advanced Andros platform, Okuma created the Andros A-12SSE and A-16SSE featuring the factory-installed Tournament Drag Cam.  The Okuma Tournament Drag Cam replaces the aggressive high-output cam of the Andros to deliver lower drag output with a smoother curve and precise adjustment. The drag cam within Andros SE reels is designed to fish with 3- to 5-pounds of drag at strike and 10-pound maximum drag output. The result is amazing consistency through the range and the ability to fish light lines just under their breaking point. Carefully controlled clicker and very high-speed retrieve complete the ultimate light line tournament reel. 

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Solterra SLX
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