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Choosing the perfect rod and reel for a target species can be a daunting task. With the understanding that each species comes in variable sizes and different techniques are best served by different product attributes, we offer the following suggestions to help narrow your search.
Crappie High Performance
Crappie are perhaps the most available fish in the country, yet for the most part, the available rods to fish for them are suspect at best. The Crappie High Performance series changes that completely. Constructed on agile and responsive IM-8 blanks, these rods are as sensitive as most tournament bass rods, yet offer a beautifully moderate action for casting of light baits and controlling large fish on light line.  Low-profile stainless steel guide frames and split butt handles with premium cork grips finish these stellar little performers. Let's just say that at Okuma, we take our crappie fishing a little more serious than the next guy.  
Starting at $64.99