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Yellowtail are powerful, unrelenting fighters that are found both offshore as well as very tight to difficult bottom structure. Yellowtail demand smooth, powerful reel drags and very capable rods to turn fish. Live bait style rods are most common with long jig sticks for casting Tady & Salas style jigs being very prominent.
The VSystem Spinning Reels are Okuma's marquee spinning reels that are setting the standard for spinning reel technology and represent the ultimate spinning reel technology available. Built on the foundation of our patented EOS elliptical oscillation drive gears, this revolutionary oscillation system offers superior line lay while maintaining unmatched stability, thanks to the elliptical shaped gears which are constantly engaged during the oscillation cycle. The VSystem also features the new and revolutionary Dual Force Drag system, DFD. In addition to the traditional multi-disk system, it has a large drag system mounted beneath the spool, which by equalizing the drag force, stabilizes and dissipates heat, providing smooth drag under extreme tensions. VSystem reels also features up to 16 bearings; a combination of both the Extreme Elements Bearings and the High Performance Bearings, for smooth fishing and anti-corrosion wear. Finished with a forged aluminum screw in folding handle and matching machined spare spool, the VSystem is the defining range of spinning tackle.

Starting at $164.99
Cedros High Speed
Jigging for tuna, snapper and jack species requires high-speed backed by high-strength. The Okuma Cedros high speed spinning reels deliver on both. Okuma Blade Body Design maintains a comfortable, compact body size while Alumilite Construction assures formidable strength. Okuma's precision Dual Force Drag system lends extremely smooth, highly capable and balanced stopping power. Whether pulling fish off wrecks, or stopping tuna determined to dive into the abyss, Cedros' exciting styling only lends to the adrenaline-filled experience of connecting with the ocean's most powerful creatures. Pair Cedros spinning reels with Cedros Speed Jig or Cedros Coastal rods for a matched system that excites the senses and begs to be fished. 

*Specifically designed for saltwater use. 
Starting at $119.99
Cedros Baitfeeding Standard Speed
Cedros Baitfeeding standard speed spinning reels operate on gear ratios of 4.8:1 instead of the high speed versions 6.2:1 and 5.7:1 gear ratios. With less aggressive gear ratios, reel torque and cranking power are increased. Outside of applications where the high-speed is a necessary part of the fishing technique or necessary to keep up with extremely fast fish, the standard speed will be a highly capable companion for bait fishing and lure casting techniques. The standard speed Cedros models are immediately identifiable by their blue anodized, stamped aluminum handle arms, so that should you have both, you can jump between the reels immediately based upon which better suits the specific technique. 
Starting at $0.00
Cedros Baitfeeder
For many species like sailfish, tuna, yellowtail and even freshwater catfish, serving up a live or dead bait is best done on an unrestricted, free-flowing line. The patented Okuma baitfeeding system allows for exactly that. With a flip of the switch the reels drag system is disengaged, allowing for fish (or a live bait) to take line directly from the spool with the bail closed. Turning the reel handle or again flipping the switch re-rengages the drag system.  For fish that it's best to offer them time to take the bait prior to them feeling any resistance, the Cedros Baitfeeder will become a cherished piece of equipment for its ease-of-use and reliability. 
Starting at $164.99
Coronado Baitfeeder
As your live bait takes consistent line, suddenly you notice the telltale change in speed signaling a strike. With a turn of the handle, the Coronado's baitfeeder disengages and you're immediately connected with the inspiring power of Okuma's Dual Force Drag. Fully featured with Okuma's patented EOS, Elliptical Oscillation System, HDG II high density gearing and Hydro Block water tight drag seal, the Coronado baitfeeder is ready to surprise top predators when their easy meal strikes back. 
Starting at $89.99
Okuma innovation advances rapidly within the Trio spinning reel's revolutionary Crossover Construction platform. Taking the best of aluminum's strength and graphite's lightweight handling, Trio delivers an intelligently designed, agile and rugged performer for all freshwater and inshore saltwater fishing applications. Available in both standard gearing and high-speed models, Trio elevates every spinning reel experience with motivating design that's fun to fish and advanced performance you're proud to own. Featuring a full complement of Okuma technology including our powerful Dual Force Drag, EOS elliptical oscillation system, HPB high performance bearings and CRC corrosion resistant coating process, the Trio again resets the standard of consumer value in spinning reels.
Starting at $74.99