OKUMA FISHING TACKLE è un Leader globale nel Design e produzione di prodotti per la pesca di altissima qualità.

Inspired Fishing

OKUMA Produttore di Canne e Mulinelli da pesca.

Okuma Fishing Tackle Co.,Ltd dal 1986 è un produttore di canne e mulinelli per la pesca sportiva con Sede principale in TAIWAN. Okuma si impegna a trasmettere eccezionali esperienze di pesca ad ognuno…e di creare i migliori mulinelli e le migliori canne per i pescatori sportivi.

Okuma FISHING realizza qualità e affidabili canne come le canne da Fly, bombarda , spinning; Mulinelli da Spinning, Baitcast , Traina e Fly. Tutto ciò è realizzato con materiali molto innovativi e con design moderno.

OKUMA FISHING Articoli da pesca è la tua migliore scelta per la pesca in acque interne e Saltwater. Tutto con avanzate tecnologie e con oltre 31 anni di esperienza nel campo. Okuma realizza un eccellente qualità sulle canne da pesca e sui mulinelli per poter soddisfare la domanda si qualsiasi pescatore.


  • [How to] How to make Okuma fishing reel?

    Reels are a vital element in any anglers fishing success. While using a reliable reel, you can enjoy a catching fish instead of fearing it. To improve confidence in any braking and gearing system anglers must first understand the reel production process.

  • [Selection] How to select the reel and rod

    1. Determine the targeting species. 2. Determine which line/lures you are using to target these species. 3. Choosing the ideal reel and rod for this type of fishing. Spinning reels match with spinning rods, casting reels match with casting rods. For example: Targeting bass - using lure: about 1/4~1oz, line: about 10-20lb Recommend to choose bass rod:Helios HS-C-701MH and Cerros Low Profile Baitcast Reel.Or Visit local tackle shops to choose.

  • [Product info] Do the spinning reels come with spare spools?

    Check the catalog, if there is the info of extra spool, it means that reel comes with a spare spool.

  • [Troubleshooting] Line twist

    1. Line is not correctly wound on the spool. 2. Wind the line slowly and makesure line is straight.

  • [Troubleshooting] Tangled line when casting

    For Spinning Reels: 1. Spool is overfilled with line. 2. Using too large line size for the reel. 3. Memory set in line. Solution: Refer to the line specification we have suggestted for each reel and re-spool with new line.For Casting Reels: Line is not correctly wound on the spool. Re-spool the line.

  • [Troubleshooting] Bail will not close correctly

    For Spinning Reels: 1. Bail wire is bent out of shape. 2. Bail compression spring is broken or weak. 3. Dirt or lack of lubrication in bail arm assemblies. Solution: Replace bail wire or bail compression spring. Clean and oil the arm assemblies.

  • [Troubleshooting] No drag pressure

    For Spinning Reels: The drag washers are worn, replace the washers or send to Okuma repair center.

  • [Troubleshooting] Gears feel rough under pressure.

    1. Gears are lack of lubrication or damaged. 2. Bearings are lack of lubrication or damaged. Solution: Re grease or replace the damage part.

  • [Troubleshooting] The handle spins backwards on hookset.

    1. Anti reverse bearing is damaged. Replace anti reverse bearing. 2. Reel is over lubricated with oil. Clean the oil from the bearings.

  • [Troubleshooting] Line does not stack correctly on

    For Spinning Reels: Use provided click gear washers to adjust spool height on the reel. If the line is too high on the spool add a click gear washer. If it is too low remove a click gear washer.

  • [Troubleshooting] Drag is not smooth.

    Lack of grease on the drag washer or drag washer soaked with oil. Replace drag washers or re-grease.

  • [Troubleshooting] Reel makes noise when casting, dosen't cast as far as it used to.

    For Casting Reels: Velocity control system is too dry or worn. Oil spool cover plate. 6-pin centrifugal braking system is worn, replace it.

  • [Troubleshooting] Line guide on level wind does not work.

    For Casting Reels: 1. Line guide pawl and worm shaft are worn or damaged. 2. Line guide pawl cap is loose. 3. Possible damage to level wind pin. Solution: Replace the damaged parts.

  • [Troubleshooting] Reel backlashes on casts

    For Casting Reels: 1. Spool tension knob not adjusted properly. 2. Magnetic Control System is not adjusted properly. 3. Velocity Control System is not adjusted properly.

  • [Troubleshooting] The line on my Baitcasting reel loads one side of the spool.

    For Casting Reels: If you reel line with your rod pointed toward the right, the line will load up higher on the left side of the spool. If your rod is pointed to the left while reel line in, the line will load higher on the right side of the spool. A simple solution to this problem is to keep your rod and line parallel to each other whenever possible.

  • [Troubleshooting] Spool will not rotate when handle is turned

    For Casting Reels: Star Drag is not tight enough to activate spool.

  • [Troubleshooting] Thumb bar - Push button will not re-engage when handle is turned

    For Casting Reels: 1. Broken Thumb bar or Push button return spring. 2. Dirty or under lubricated clutch return system. 3. Clutch return arm is worn. Solution: Replace the damaged parts.

  • [Troubleshooting] Gears slip or skip when reeling

    For Casting Reesl: Drive gear, pinion Gear or spool pinion damaged. Replace the damaged parts.

  • [How To] How to Correctly Spool Up Braide line

    Okuma Product Development Manager John Bretza talks about the proper technique on how to spool up braided line.

  • [How To] Andros Leverdrag Cast Control Set Up

    Okuma Product Development Manager John Bretza talks us through getting our Andros leverdrag Cast Control all set up.

  • [How To] Setting Drag on Lever Drag Reels

    We often get asked how to set the pre set drag on our lever drag reels. Here is a video by Okuma Product Manger John Bretza explaining this function.

  • [How To] Setting the Cast Control on your new Okuma Baitcast Reel

    Okuma Product Manager John Bretza explains how to really get dialed in on your new Okuma baitcast reel. With the internal breaking system, some fisherman don't know how to get in and make the adjustment.

  • [How To] Getting dialed in on the Makaira Spinning Drag System

    Okuma Product Manager John Bretza tells you how to get the pre-set drag system all dialed in on the new Makaira Spinning Reels. Okuma continues to reinvent big game fishing with Makaira spinning reels, delivering unique, advanced design and new levels of power and longevity. In a stunning display of power, Makaira combines forged and machined aluminum framing, side pate and rotor with a complete forged and machined stainless steel drive system. Twenty-three O-rings and gaskets completely seal the body and drag system from saltwater. And speaking of drag, a Micro Adjustable Power Drag offers a coarse pre-set, with 60-detent points to fine tune up to 66-pounds of available drag to exacting output. Two sizes include a 20,000 and 30,000 for discerning big game anglers.

  • [How To] Okuma Line Counter Functions

    Okuma Product Manager John Bretza gives us some in depth insight on how Line Counters are design to function in the recent installment for the Okuma How To Series.

  • [Tech] Crossover Construction

    Innovation at its freshest...Trio spinning reels from Okuma feature a unique crossover construction. We took the best from aluminum construction and lightweight graphite materials and created a distinctive new concept in reel design. The solid one piece stamped aluminum reel stem and rotor arm are paired with lightweight graphite side plates and a rotor housing which provides strength where needed, and weight savings where possible.

  • [Tech] Spinning Reel - Dual Force Drag

    DFD incorporates both surfaces of the spool to maximize high-end drag pressure, efficiency and overall smoothness. Mounted in the top of the spool and protected by the Hydro Block system is a multi-disc felt drag system that works in conjunction with a secondary drag system that is mounted under the spool. Even pressure is applied to both surfaces of the spool for maximum stability.

  • [Tech] Lever Drag - Dual Force Drag

    For extremely smooth and strong drag outputs, Okuma’s Makaira lever drags are designed with a patented Dual Force Drag system. This drag system is specifically engineered to be mounted in the right side of the spool, designed around a Pull Bar Drag System which keeps all mechanical workings in precise alignment and places no pressure on the frame. This system works in conjunction with a custom designed thrust bearing, which alleviates side load at heavy drag settings.

  • [Tech] C-40X

    Okuma’s C-40X carbon technology utilizes a specially blended graphite polymer. The carbon fibers in this material are elongated and reinforced, creating a substantially stronger composite than standard graphite materials. At 25% lighter, 1.5 times stronger and 100% anti-corrosive, C-40X translates into an extremely lightweight and durable construction.


    Okuma’s TORSION CONTROL ARMOR® (TCA™) is a breakthrough in reel design that provides a stronger, more durable, reel construction. TCA™ technology offers maximum stability by eliminating reel stem twisting and keeping gears aligned; giving the confidence you need in fighting the fish of a lifetime.

  • [Tech] Centrifugal Disc Bail (CDB)

    Okuma’s Centrifugal Disc Bail (CDB) is a unique new design that incorporates a heavier brass disc that is perfectly weighted and balanced to create a smoother and easier bail operation, while increasing the strength and stability of the overall bail function.

  • [Tech] Cyclonic Flow Rotor (CFR)

    Cyclonic Flow Rotor (CFR) was designed to create “cyclonic” airflow, which significantly increases air flow through the ported rotor. This thoroughly tested design allows for a much faster drying time if the reel becomes wet, minimizing corrosion possibility through out the reel. CFR also creates a lighter-weight and a more rigid rotor which reduces the flex and rotational coherence and creates a more precise mechanical operation.

  • [Tech] Precision Elliptical Gearing System

    The Precision Elliptical Gearing System advantage boils down to one thing and one thing only – performance. By regulating the speed of the spindle stroke, reels equipped with this system wind line more consistently and uniformly on the spool, resulting in level line lay. This creates less friction during casting for increased distance, greater accuracy, and longer line life, as well as smoother, more uniform drag pressures. Pick up any Okuma reel equipped with this feature and feel for yourself the balance, smoothness and power that are all characteristics of the Precision Elliptical Gearing System.

  • [Tech] Magnetic Control System (MCS)

    Okuma’s Magnetic Control System is a fully-sealed, 100% waterproof cast control system that reduces backlash and improves casting distance by utilizing the magnetic field generated by the high RPM spinning of the spool during casting. The magnetic field is influenced by the adjustable cast control magnet which exerts an opposing force and allows for minute and accurate adjustments.

  • [Tech] Machined Rigid Frame

    Okuma's Machined Rigid Frame construction incorporates a one-piece fully-machined aluminum frame. These rigid bar-stock aluminum frames are the ultimate in precision alignment and tolerances withstanding more pressure and torque than any other material used in our industry for frame materials. Okuma features these anodized frames on fly reels, baitcast reels, lever drag reels and star drag trolling reels.

  • [Tech] Body Armor

    Okuma's stainless steel Body Armor eliminates the frame flex commonly found in graphite framed trolling reels. This feature incorporates two large stainless steel rings that are mounted to both sides of the frame. The harness lugs are integrated into the body armor design and eliminate the pressure commonly placed on the harness lugs by redistributing the pressure to these large-diameter rings.

  • [Tech] Self Lubricating Gear System

    The self-lubricating gear system is a feature found on Okuma's higher-end star drag reels. The main gear on this system incorporates a heat-sensitive oil-impregnated brass bushing that is mounted in the center of the gear. This system releases oil if friction increases to keep the main gear and drive shaft running smoothly in all conditions. Okuma is the first company to adopt this technology which originated in the large machine industry where this function has been time tested for many years.

  • [Tech] XL Gearing

    The XL gearing design found on both lever drag and star drag reels incorporates an oversized gear box that features an enlarged gearing system and enlarged drag system. The drag surface areas on this system are more than 50% larger than a standard gear-box design. For the gear system, the major advantage is that the gear teeth are substantially larger, allowing more strength and cranking power. This is how we are able to offer a high-speed gear ratio reel without sacrificing cranking power. Our XL gearing system essentially turns your reel into a winch.

  • [Tech] Speed LOC Pinion Gear System

    The SLG technology incorporates a dual-step pinion gear system on star drag reels that allows positive engaging at extreme high speeds. The SLG system allows for instant gear engagement when engaging from freespool to strike at speeds in excess of 50 MPH.

  • [Tech] Mechanical Stabilizing System (MSS)

    Strong, Stable, Smooth - Okuma’s Mechanical Stabilizing System is a support system that ties the spool shaft, pinion gear, pinion gear bearing, drive shaft and main gear together with a single support system. While other reels on the market offer minimal or no gear stabilization, this patented Okuma design allows all of these critical parts to stay in precise alignment. Designed specifically to hold up to the demands of braided and wire line fishing, the MSS support system stabilizes the spool shaft at 3 key stress points to eliminate flex under pressure – which directly translates into a reel that is more durable, stronger and smoother than the competition.

  • [Tech] Wide Mouth Levelwind

    This heavy-duty, stainless steel levelwind is Titanium coated and built to withstand the punishment of braided and wire lines. The guide has been designed with an increased opening to insure proper knot clearance when fishing with double lines. This wide space allows for Albright or similar connection knots, as well as swivels and copper line to pass through the guide easier and be wound directly on the spool.

  • [Tech] T-Bar Handle

    T-Bar Handle: The patented design of the T-Bar handle offers a true ergonomically correct angle to ensure an angler gets maximum power with minimum fatigue. The T-bar takes full advantage of the natural dynamics of the human hand, wrist and forearm to help sustain power and endurance for the angler.

  • [Tech] Strike Zone

    Okuma's Strike Zone linecounter system incorporates a mechanical counter that precisely measures line based on spool revolutions. These counters measure in feet and are calibrated at the factory to be most accurate with a full spool and monofilament lines.

  • [Tech] Ergo Grip

    The Ergo Grip handle knob is an extremely comfortable oversized handle-knob design for both speed and power. This soft-touch knob has been ergonomically designed to fit in the palm of your hand and will be found on certain Okuma lever drag reels, star drag reels and some spinning reel models.

  • [Tech] 2-Speed Gearing

    Okuma's 2-speed technology incorporates two sets of stainless steel main and pinion gears, allowing anglers the option of a high-speed gear ratio or a powerful low-speed gear ratio for maximum power and torque. To shift gears it is as easy as pushing a button or popping a lever with Okuma's unique shifting design to obtain the appropriate gear ratio you desire.

  • [Tech] Hippo Grip

    The Hippo Grip is a unique reel-clamp design that serves triple duty when fishing offshore. This heavy-duty, forged aluminum reel clamp securely supports your reel to the rod for maximum safety. This clamp also incorporates a small hole that was designed to be used with a safety line for trolling. On the rear of the clamp is a large diameter hole that was designed to be used as a trigger. The large hole should be mounted facing the butt of the rod.

  • [Tech] Corrosion Resistant Coating (CRC)

    Corrosion Resistant Coating combines Okuma’s proprietary HDG-II gearing system, which offers exceptional anti-corrosive properties compared to standard gears, with a coating of Corrosion X HD to all internal and external parts. The CRC process actually penetrates and bonds to the metal, which helps significantly toward long term protection.

  • [Tech] Baitfeeding System

    Okuma's patented baitfeeding system allows anglers to disengage their spinning reel spool and allow their bait to run freely. The baitfeeding system incorporates a secondary micro-adjustable drag system at the rear of the reel that allows for precise adjustment of the spool for bait control. In order to disengage this system simply turn the handle. The On/Off lever on the rear of the reel will automatically disengage the baitfeeding system so you can fight your fish with the main drag system.

  • [Tech] ALG

    With today’s super braided lines and lighter more compact reels, ALG offers anglers lighter weight gears without compromising on strength and durability. Adding to their longevity, ALG gears are anodized to hold up to the elements much better than traditional gearing materials.

  • [Tech] HDGII

    Okuma’s proprietary High Density Gearing II incorporates an extremely strong alloy composition with a special anti-corrosion coating process. The result is high density, corrosion resistant gears that are built to handle the severe elements and brutal strains placed on a reel’s internal gear system.

  • [Tech] Quick-Set

    This system allows for instant handle engagement and eliminates all handle back play commonly found in many reels. This is accomplished by using a corrosion- resistant stainless steel roller bearing that engages the reel in one direction for rock-solid hook sets.

  • [Tech] Alumilite Frame Construction

    AlumiLite construction incorporates Okuma's rigid aluminum body technology on spinning, trolling and fly reel designs. Aluminum frames are stronger and more rigid and are capable of withstanding more pressure and torque than traditional graphite frames. These lightweight, diecast aluminum frames provide more precise tolerances for precision gear alignment, maximum castability and ultimate durability.

  • [Tech] RES II

    The RES II System stands for Rotor Equalizing System. This second-generation RES System incorporates a computer-balanced weight precisely placed in the rotor. This weight allows for precision balance and eliminates all spool wobble for perfect alignments and smooth cranking.

  • [Tech] Hydro Block

    The Hydro Block design features a rubber gasket mounted in the top of a spinning reel spool. This rubber seal blocks water and foreign materials from entering the drag system. The Hydro Block system ensures that your drag washers always perform at optimal levels.

  • [Tech] Even Flow Roller System (EFR II)

    The Even Flow Roller System utilizes a ball bearing under the line roller to maximize efficiency. This roller helps reduce line twists by freely rolling over the line roller without friction. Without this system, line will naturally twist when drag is pulled.

  • [Tech] High Performance Ball Bearings

    The balls used on the HPB's are constructed from the same high-grade stainless steel material as the bearing housing. These bearings were designed to be more than 10 times more resistant to saltwater than standard stainless steel bearings. These bearings may even outlast the angler himself.

  • [Tech] Velocity Control System

    The Velocity Control System is an adjustable, 6-pin centrifugal braking system for precision spool control. Weights can be adjusted IN or OUT for additional spool control. Positioning the weights in toward the spool allows for more freespool, while adjusting the pins out away from the spool allows for more control. Anglers can alternate weights until they find that perfect balance for casting.

  • [Tech] Spool Access Port

    This unique new design can be found on Okuma's low profile baitcast reels. The Spool Access Port allows for quick access to the spool by simply sliding the lock/unlock lever on the side plate opposite the handle. This system allows for quick spool changes, but more importantly it allows quick access for adjusting the Velocity Control System.

  • [Tech] MAXGEAR®

    Okuma’s Makaira spinning reels are in a class of their own, featuring a forged stainless steel, machined MAXGEAR®. While the majority of reels in this category feature bronze, aluminum or simple machine cut stainless steel gears, the Makaira’s class leading main gears are machine cut forged stainless steel. We ported the main gear and incorporated other design elements to keep it light weight enough for you to fish all day. No compromises were made in the internal design of MAXGEAR®. The pinion gear and heat treated spool shaft are 17-4 grade machine cut stainless steel. They are rust proof and were optimized to work with braided line and the reels high-output drag.