[Egypt] Taha Darwish

Team Okuma - Taha Darwish / OKUMA FISHING TACKLE est un leader mondial dans la conception et la fabrication de matériel de pêche de haute qualité.

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[Egypt] Taha Darwish | OKUMA FISHING Introduction

Chez Okuma Fishing Tackle, nous fournissons plus que du matériel de pêche. Nous livrons la motivation nécessaire pour aller à la mer;énergie nécessaire pour rester concentré et ;enthousiasme qui nourrit tous les acteurs avec des attentes élevées.

[Egypt] Taha Darwish

My name is Taha Darwish. I am a Pro Angler and tackle technical consultant. I have been fishing for over 31 years across the Middle East. For me fishing is not only a career but it’s a personal passion that I enjoy day in and day out. In addition I have been hosting 2 TV shows related to fishing.

Since I was six years old, I started salt and fresh fishing in more than 6 Arab countries, ranging from light fishing to Big game and kayaking as well. I have thousands of followers interested in the fishing field in the Middle East and the Gulf, whether it is Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and even TV channels. Thanks

·  YouTube: https://pse.is/4jxjtd
·  Instagram: https://pse.is/4j6mgn
·  Facebook: https://pse.is/4gppvz
·  Facebook fishing group: https://pse.is/4kc562