How to-Saltwater Fishing

OKUMA FISHING TACKLE este leader la nivel global în designul și fabricarea echipamentelor de pescuit de înaltă calitate.

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Okuma Fishing Tackle oferă mai mult decât scule de pescuit. Oferim motivația de a atinge apa, energia pentru păstra nivelul de concentrare și entuziasm la fiecare aruncare, păstrând cele mai mari așteptări.

How to-Saltwater Fishing

  • [How To]Sailfish And Tuna Rigging

    Okuma Product Development Manager John Bretza was down at Zancudo Lodge in Costa Rica doing some fishing for Sailfish and Tuna.In this video, John gives us some different rigging techniques used for live bait fishing with Sardinas and BlueRunner baits. He walks us through the leader material he chooses, as well as hooks and hooking methods.

  • [How To] Fishing The Surface Iron For Calico Bass and Yellowtail

    An incredibly effective and fun way to target feeding Calico Bass and Yellowtail up and down the west coast is throwing the iron. In this video, Okuma's Dave Brown gives a few tips and things to look for when planning on fishing the iron.