Tesoro Saltwater Spinning Reel

Tesoro Spinning Reel / OKUMA FISHING TACKLE je světovým lídrem ve vývoji a výrobě vysoce kvalitního rybářského náčiní.

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Tesoro Saltwater Spinning Reel | OKUMA FISHING Úvod

V Okuma Fishing Tackle dodáváme více než jen lovné zařízení. Dodáváme motivaci zasáhnout vodu, energii k udržení soustředění a vzrušení, které vstřikuje každé obsazení s vysokými očekáváními.

Tesoro Saltwater Spinning Reel

Tesoro Spinning reels provide anglers with hydro blocking technology best suited for saltwater environments. Features a 100% waterproof, strong and lightweight aluminum body, specially reinforced highstrength brass gears, a high output carbonite drag with Cal’s drag grease on a full Dual Force Drag- (DFD) system, allowing you to tackle big game fish such as tuna and swordfish. Because of the design of the Flite Drive™, the gear stabilization system and precision machine cut gear, the entire rotation feels smooth and stable. The roller surface is specially treated with a Diamond Like Carbon- (DLC), to provide the ultimate smoothness of your fishing line. Allowing you to meet the big fish challenge with peace of mind at all times.

Tesoro Spinning Reel


  • Alumilite frame construction
  • Aluminum body, sideplates and Cyclonic Flow Rotor
  • Oversized precision machine cut alloy main gear
  • Precision machine cut C6191 grade brass pinion gear
  • Oversized titanium spool shaft to reduce flex
  • Carbonite high output Dual Force Drag (DFD) System with Cal’s drag grease
  • Hydro Sealed Body for maximum protection
  • Full Waterproof Body (1 meter submersion up to 30 mins, IPX7 rating)
  • Flite Drive™
  • Line roller with Diamond Like Carbon - (DLC) process
  • 12HPB + 1RB corrosion resistant stainless-steel bearings
  • Dual anti-reverse system for maximum strength and reliability
  • Machined aluminum screw-in handle arm for added strength
  • CRC: Corrosion-resistant coating process
  • Machined aluminum, 2-tone anodized spool with LCS lip
  • Heavy duty, one-piece solid aluminum bail wire
  • Gearing Stabilization Design
  • Rotor brake system works in conjunction with manual bail trip (8,000-20,000 size only)


Alumilite Frame Construction - Aluminum Body, Sideplate And Cyclonic Flow Rotor
AlumiLite construction incorporates Okuma's rigid aluminum body technology on spinning, trolling and fly reel designs. Aluminum frames are stronger and more rigid and can withstand more pressure and torque than traditional graphite frames. These lightweight, diecast aluminum frames provide more precise tolerances for precision gear alignment, maximum castability and ultimate durability.
Heavy Duty, One Piece Solid Aluminum Bail Wire
The one-piece bail is a seamless design that reduces friction on the bail, allowing unobstructed line entry into the roller.
Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC): Even Flow Roller System With DLC Coating
The EFR II with DLC coating greatly reduces line friction allowing the fishing line to run more smoothly over this smooth surface, prolonging the life of the fishing line and the prevention of line twist.
Oversized Titanium Spool Shaft Reduces Flex
Oversized Precision Machine Cut Alloy Main Gear
Under the traditional high-strength HDGII, Okuma enlarged the main gear to provide better strength and higher gear ratio. Taking the 10000-size as an example, the Tesoro spinning main gear is larger than conventional by 12%.
Full Waterproof Body: 1 Meter Submersion For Up To 30 Mins, IPX7 Rating
In order to deal with the harsh saltwater environment, Okuma engineers developed a full waterproof body, reaching an IPX7 rating (1 meter submersion for up to 30 minutes). Giving anglers peace of mind when in saltwater environments.
Flite Drive™
In standard reels, when the main shaft is moved up and down, a large area of friction is generated with the inner hole of the pinion gear, which causes you to feel resistance when turning. To reduce drag and achieve the lightness of rotation, we hollowed out the center of the pinion gear to reduce friction with the shaft. This change helps create a zero inertia start up and an incredibly light feel when turning the handle.
Gearing Stabilization Design
This design provides excellent support on the top, middle and bottom of the pinion gear, making the gears extremely stable and durable.
High Performance Ball Bearings
The balls used on the HPB's are constructed from the same high-grade stainless-steel material as the bearing housing. These bearings were designed to be 10 times more resistant to saltwater than standard stainless-steel bearings.
Carbonite High Output Dual Force Drag (DFD) System
DFD incorporates both surfaces of the spool to maximize high-end drag pressure, efficiency and overall smoothness. Mounted in the top of the spool and protected by the Hydro Block system is a multi-disc carbon drag system that works in conjunction with a secondary drag system that is mounted under the spool. Even pressure is applied to both surfaces of the spool for maximum stability and significantly Increased drag output compared to traditional single drag systems.


Tesoro Saltwater Spinning Reel

ModelGear ratioBearingsWeight(g)Line retrieve(cm)

Max Drag
Pressure (kg)

Monofilament Line Capacity(mm)FrameSideplateRotorSpool
TSR-8000PA4.9:112HPB+1RB69793250.40/230 0.45/180 0.50/140ALALALAL
TSR-10000HA5.8:112HPB+1RB714121250.40/290 0.45/220 0.50/175ALALALAL
TSR-10000PA4.9:112HPB+1RB714101250.40/290 0.45/220 0.50/175ALALALAL
TSR-14000HA5.8:112HPB+1RB714126250.40/370 0.45/290 0.50/230ALALALAL
TSR-14000PA4.9:112HPB+1RB714105250.40/370 0.45/290 0.50/230ALALALAL
TSR-18000HA5.8:112HPB+1RB928141250.50/320 0.55/260 0.60/215ALALALAL
TSR-18000PA4.4:112HPB+1RB928106250.50/320 0.55/260 0.60/215ALALALAL
TSR-20000PA4.4:112HPB+1RB928111250.50/385 0.60/260 0.70/180ALALALAL

*H: High gear ratio *P: Power gear ratio *A: Generation


Okuma Tesoro Saltwater Spinning Reel