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OKUMA FISHING TACKLE ist ein weltweit führendes Unternehmen in der Entwicklung und Herstellung hochwertiger Angelgeräte.

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Bei Okuma Fishing Tackle liefern wir mehr als nur Angelausrüstung. Wir liefern die Motivation, aufs Wasser zu gehen, die Energie, den Fokus zu behalten und die Aufregung, die jede Besetzung mit hohen Erwartungen erfüllt.

Fishing Tips

  • [Fishing Tips] Tying The Clinch Knot

    We discuss tying the Clinch Knot. This is a very basic knot that is easy to tie, and a good all around basic knot for your arsenal.

  • [Fishing Tips] Different Types of Hooks - Get Dialed In

    We walk you though the different types of hooks and styles you may run into when out on the water, or at your local tackle shop. It is best to have an idea on what you are looking at when looking at various hooks.

  • [Fishing Tips] Learn About Different Types Of Fishing Line

    We will discuss the different types of fishing line and how they apply to your fishing application. From Braid, Monofilament and Fluorocarbon, what is right for you, and what will help you to catch more fish.

  • [Fishing Tips] How to Adjust the Drag on a Spinning Reels

    We will show you the ins and outs of getting your spinning reel all dialed in. This video will show you how to adjust the drag on a spinning reel. Seems like something simple enough, but if you are new to fishing, this tutorial might just help you out.

  • [Fishing Tips] First Time Fishing? Lets Get Started

    We discuss some of the key items that you may need when headed out for your first time on the water. This is a pretty basic video, but if it is your first time fishing, hopefully this will get you pointed in the right direction.

  • [Fishing Tips] How To Tie The Palomar Knot

    We will show you how to tie the Palomar Knot. This popular and very strong knot is easy to tie, and one of the most reliable fishing knots out there. The Palomar Knot can be used for both freshwater and saltwater applications. This is a great fishing knot to add to your arsenal.

  • [Fishing Tips] Switching Your Spinning Reel From Left to Right Hand Retrieve

    We discuss and show you the steps in switching your spinning reel from left to right hand retrieve. There isn't a lot to it, but if you are new to fishing, this step by step video should make the process a whole lot easier.

  • [Fishing Tips] Difference Between Spinning and Casting Rods

    How do you know if you have a Spinning or Casting Rod? In this video, Dave walks you through the differences between spinning and casting rods. Unfortunately, they can't be used universally, and it is good to know what version you may have. With tips like model number, reel seat and the guides that are on your rod, by the end of this video you should be able to tell the difference in the fishing rod that you have.

  • [Fishing Tips] Okuma Telescopic Rods

    Dave talks about the various types of Telescopic Rods that Okuma offers within their lineup. Be it small, compact telescopic travel rods, or longer, trolling telescopic rods, Dave gives some tips and advice on getting all lined up. Be it the Nomad Travel Rods, Voyager Travel Rods, SST or Citrix, Okuma has a wide variety of travel rods, and some of those come in a telescopic version for easy transport.

  • [Fishing Tips] When to Use Leader Line

    You have probably heard the term "leader line" when fishing. Leader line refers to the section of line that is between you hook and your main line attached to your reel. Leader line acts as a buffer to that main line. You might be using a heavy monofilament or braided main line while you can use a lighter leader line. Most leader lines will either be fluorocarbon or monofilament lines. The leader line helps in shock absorption and line invisibility to fish. The length of leader can vary from only a few inches up to several yards in heavy, offshore application. In this video, Dave walks you through a few of the applications and why you might need a leader line on your next fishing trip.

  • [Fishing Tips] Deciphering the Model Number

    So you have a garage full of fishing rods and have been wondering what the printed models numbers actually mean. In this video, Dave will walk you through exactly what the model numbers on your Okuma Rods stands for and how to decipher the code.

  • [Fishing Tips] Frog Fishing Line Trick

    If you like the excitement of top water frog fishing, you are not alone. There is something about the explosion of a fish as it comes to the surface and explodes on a bait. In this video, Dave will show you a little frog fishing line trick that might just help to induce a few more top water explosions.

  • [Fishing Tips] How To Cast A Spinning Reel

    Dave walks you through how to cast a spinning reel and rod.

  • [Fishing Tips] Tips for Frog Fishing | Catch More Bass

    Dave walks us through a couple of his favorite tips for frog fishing.

  • [Fishing Tips] How to Catch Catfish with a Baitfeeder Reel

    One of the most underutilized by super effective techniques for catching catfish is using a baitfeeder reel. Okuma has several baitfeeder reels in its lineup including the Avenger, CDX, Ceymar to name a few. These reels give you nearly freespool when engaged and you go into full drag lockdown with a simple turn of the handle. The catfish don't know they are hooked until it is time!

  • [Fishing Tips] How to Catch Trout with a Baitfeeder

    Dave talks about the effectiveness of using an Okuma Baitfeeder reel when fishing for trout. A baitfeeder reel is a spinning reel with a secondary drag system. When the baitfeeder is applied, you have near zero tension on the line until you turn the handle. In trout fishing, this is an awesome feature. A trout can grab your bait feeling no tension and start to swim off. You see the spool of your reel start to turn and all you do is turn the handle, set the hook and the fight is on! Okuma has several baitfeeders that can be used for trout fishing in its lineup.

  • [Fishing Tips] How To Fish a Crankbait | Bass Fishing Tips

    One of the most popular ways to fish for bass is with a crankbait. A crankbait is a small bait with a bill on the front that drives the bait down underwater. These can be shallow to deep diving and are very effective. Dave walks us through some of the techniques to effectively fish a crankbait.

  • [Fishing Tips] How to Cast A Baitcast Reel

    Dave walks us through the basics of casting a baitcast reel. Up to this point, you may have only been fishing spinning reels. The next step for you, if you so choose, will be to fish with a baitcast reel. The technique is similar to that of a spinning rod, but with a few subtle differences.

  • [Fishing Tips] Getting Set Up for Trolling | Fishing Tips | Beginner Fishing

    Denis Isbister of the TV Show Wild Fish Wild Places, gives a few tips on getting set up for trolling. This includes flatlining and downrigger fishing. Denis is based out of Pyramid Lake in Nevada and fishes all over the world. he offers some great advice on getting set up for these techniques.

  • [Fishing Tips] Rigging for Rockfish | Saltwater Series

    Dave walks you through a basic set up for rockfish season. Fishing for Rockfish can be a lot of fun. It is a fairly easy way to fish, but can also be very productive. Having the right gear and rigging is essential. In this episode, Dave will talk about rigging for your rockfish trip and his go-to setup for rockfishing.

  • [Fishing Tips] Three Sets Ups for your SoCal Saltwater Trips

    Dave walks us through 3 of his must-haves for your local SoCal fishing trips. Of course, you can expand your choices and add others, but these three are pretty essential. 1. Surface Iron- Something that you can throw either live bait or a surface iron can be pretty essential when fishing SoCal. Yellowtail, Calico Bass, etc. 2. Star Drag Set-up - This is also a must. You can use this as a live bait set up fly-lining bait, or use it as a dropper loop set up and fish the bottom. 3. Larger leverdrag reel- In this video the Cavalla 12 is what I suggest. it is a great reel for dropping down to the bottom, or if the tuna come through, a reel big and beefy enough that you can stop the fish and get them to the boat.

  • [Fishing Tips] Star Drag Reels | What Are They?

    A star drag is one of many types of drag systems and probably the most common among conventional style reels. Okuma reels such as the Tesoro, Cortez, Convector, Magda Pro, Coldwater, Helios SX, Cerros, Serrano and others all feature a star drag reel. It is great to know the terminology as a new angler as you can then walk into a tackle store with confidence and talk the talk.

  • [Fishing Tips] Setting the Hook | Circle Hooks vs. J-Hooks

    Dave walks us through why you set the hook on a J-Hook and why you DON'T set the hook on a Circle Hook. There are many styles of hooks out in the market, but for you live bait fisherman, J-Hooks and Circle Hooks will be the most common. Both are very effective in hooking and landing fish, but they just have a bit of a different technique when fishing them.

  • [Fishing Tips] What Is a Lever Drag Reel

    Dave answers the question of what is a lever drag reel. With several types of reels on the market, lever drags can mostly be found in the saltwater market. These are generally larger reels with a lever that you push up or down in order to adjust your drag pressure.

  • [Fishing Tips] Fishing the Surface Iron for Yellowtail and Bass

    Dave walks us through the basic technique of fishing the surface iron for yellowtail and calico bass.

  • [Fishing Tips] Fishing the Yo-Yo Jig

    You may have heard the term Yo-Yo fishing. This is generally a term used when fishing offshore for tuna and/or deep pelagic fish. This is a very popular and effective technique for catching big fish, but there is some technique and things you need to know before you grab your rod and head to the rail.

  • [Fishing Tips] Tips on Making Adustments to the Drag Cam on you Lever Drag Reel

    We give you some tips making adjustments to the Drag Cam on your lever drag reel. This is a very surface level video on using the drag cam. We can go into the specifics of pounds of drag, etc., on another video. But this video is all about not damaging your lever drag reel.

  • [Fishing Tips] Fishing Crank Baits for Saltwater Bass

    The Crank Bait is a crazy effective way to catch bass. Not only freshwater largemouth and smallmouth bass, but also saltwater bass such as Sand Bass, Calico Bass and Spotted Bay Bass. There is some technique to it, and this week Dave gives you some tips on fishing these baits for the saltwater variety.

  • [Fishing Tips] Fishing Docks in Saltwater Harbors

    Dave walks us through some tips of fishing docks in Saltwater. Saltwater bass fishing can be an absolute blast and at different times of day, even better. When we say saltwater bass, we are referring to Calico Bass, Sand Bass and Spotted Bay Bass. In the deeper harbors like San Diego Bay, you will find more Calico Bass and Sand Bass, and in some of the shallower harbors like Newport and Huntington Harbors, you will find more Spotted Bay Bass and Sand Bass. All are a lot of fun to target and catch. Most of the techniques are very similar to freshwater dock fishing. With saltwater docks, you do have the current to keep in mind as the tides rise and fall.

  • [Fishing Tips] How to Secure your Saltwater Jigs to your Rods | And What Not To Do

    Dave shows us how to secure your saltwater jigs to your rods when not in use. He also shows us what not to do. Guides on all rods from all manufacturers are a key component of a rod, but also a weak point. One thing you do not want to do is hang your jigs, or any hooks for that matter, right on your guides. They can scratch the guides causing your line to fray which can make you lose that fish of a lifetime. The other thing that happens most is the guide insert will pop right out. You don't want that to happen as well as you will have to have an entire new guide wrapped right back onto your rod.

  • [Fishing Tips] Rigging a Paddle Tail to a Jig Head

    Paddle Tail Swimbaits are a very popular bait in both freshwater and saltwater fisheries. Getting them rigged up correctly is important. You don't want to your bait to swim sideways, or spin, so you need to rig it up nice and straight. Dave will walk us through rigging that soft plastic swimbait to your jig head.

  • [Fishing Tips] Setting The Hook | J-Hook Vs. Circle Hook

    Dave will walk us through the proper technique of setting the hook on both J-Hooks and Circle Hooks. Both of these hook styles require a different technique in order to hook and land that fish of a lifetime.

  • [Fishing Tips] Spinner Baits for Saltwater Bass

    Dave will walk us through a very effective technique not only in freshwater but also in saltwater. Fishing the spinner bait for saltwater bass.

  • [Fishing Tips] Fishing the A-Rig for Saltwater Bass

    Dave walks us through an incredibly effective technique for freshwater and saltwater bass. It is often overlooked in the saltwater world, but it is something you should definitely consider when chasing the salty bass.

  • [Fishing Tips] How to Fish a Saltwater Stick Bait

    Dave walks us through fishing a Saltwater Stick Bait. These baits are highly effective for everything from Snook to offshore Tuna.

  • [Fishing Tips] Getting Rigged Up for Mahi Fishing

    We are with Capt Pablo of Slamtime Charters out of Marathon Florida and we are talking about getting rigged up for Mahi fishing.

  • [Fishing Tips] What is Gear Ratio and Line Retrieve

    Dave walks us through the terms Gear Ratio and Line Retrieve. What exactly are these two terms and how do they effect your fishing?

  • [Fishing Tips] How to Fish a Jerkbait with Becca

    We talk to Rebecca Yaseen of Fishing With Becca and get some tips on fishing a Jerkbait.

  • [Fishing Tips] 3 Essential Baits for Summer Bass Fishing

    Dave walks us through 3 essential baits that every bass fisherman should have in their box for summer bass fishing.

  • [Fishing Tips] How to Fish the Drop Shot with Becca

    Becca of FishingWithBecca walks us through fishing the drop shot. This is an incredibly effective technique that every fisherman should have in their arsenal.

  • [Fishing Tips] Locating Walleye in Different Seasons

    Walleye Pro Isaac Lakich gives us some tips on locating walleye in different seasons. As a professional walleye angler, you really have to be dialed in on finding and catching walleye. Knowing where the fish might be during a certain time of year is key. How they will react, what they are after and where they will be in the water column are all key factors.

  • [Fishing Tips] Top 3 Walleye Baits for Late Summer/Fall Fishing

    Dave walks us through 3 essential baits that every bass fisherman should have in their box for summer bass fishing.

  • [Fishing Tips] Fishing a Jerkbait for Walleye

    Isaac Lakich give some tips on fishing a jerkbait for walleye. This incredibly effective technique can bring in some monster strikes. Especially when walleye are active.

  • [Fishing Tips] Fishing a Vertical Jig for Walleye

    Walleye Pro Isaac Lakich talks us through one of his favorite techniques for catching walleye...the vertical jig.

  • [Fishing Tips] Importance of Electronics When on the Water

    Walleye Pro Isaac Lakich talks about the importance of having electronics when out on the water. From keeping an eye on depth, to locating the proper water temperature, electronics will keep you in the game longer. Of course, it also helps for locating fishing. You don't have to go expensive when purchasing your units, but you do want to be sure it has all of the capabilities that you are looking for.

  • [Fishing Tips] How to Fish a Death Jig for Walleye

    Professional walleye angler Isaac Lakich gives some tips on fishing a Death Jig for Walleye. This incredibly effective technique brings in almost guaranteed bites! Well, almost guaranteed anyway. This is definitely a technique and set up that you should have in your arsenal if you are out chasing walleye.

  • [Fishing Tips] Fishing a Tailspin for Walleye

    Walleye Pro Isaac Lakich talks about fishing a Tailspin bait for Walleye. The tailspin bait is huge in the bass fishing world. It is slowly making its way into the walleye world where it is also incredibly effective. These baits have a small blade right off of the back that brings big flash...and big bites.

  • [Fishing Tips] Fishing a Blade Bait for Walleye

    Walleye pro Isaac Lakich talks about fishing blade baits for Walleye. Blade baits are an incredible search bait. You can cast them, jig them or slow troll them. In this video, Isaac is talking about the new FishLab Guppy Blade Bait.

  • [Fishing Tips] Frog Fishing Tips and Techniques

    Dave walks us through some tips and techniques for frog fishing. Frog fishing is one of the most popular topwater techniques for catching largemouth bass. It is easy to do and learn, and should be something that you should have in your arsenal.

  • [Fishing Tips] Top Water Stick Baits Tips and Techniques

    Dave walks us through some tips and techniques for fishing a top water stick bait. Top Water Stick Baits are very popular and encompass a few different variations. If fished properly, they can be very effective for active and feeding game fish.

  • [Fishing Tips] Choosing Worm Color for Different Water Conditions

    Dave walks us through some tips and techniques for choosing worm colors for varying water conditions. Fishing with a worm is very effective and popular. There are SO many ways to rig them, but getting the right color is key. Depending on your water conditions, your worm color selection may actually help you get more bites.

  • [Fishing Tips] Fishing a Wake Bait

    Dave walks us through some tips and techniques for fishing a Top Water Wake Bait Everyone loves the excitement of a huge top water explosion. And a bait that really brings out big strikes is a top water wake bait. There are a few subtleties to fishing these baits. In this video, we try to get you dialed in.

  • [Fishing Tips] Fishing a Plopper Style Top Water Bait

    Dave walks us through some tips and techniques for fishing a top water Plopper style bait Plopper fishing is one of the most popular topwater techniques for catching largemouth bass. It is easy to do and learn, and should be something that you should have in your arsenal.

  • [Fishing Tips] Spool your spinning reel with braided line

    If you struggle to spool your own spinning reel, the help is here! We will guide you step by step on how to spool your own reels with braided line. Showing you everything from a classic arbor knot to a strong double uni knot along your way. Cheers!

  • [Fishing Tips] Set your baitcaster reel (Step by step)

    Going from a traditional spinning reel to baitcaster can sometimes be tricky. In this video we´ll give you some quick basic tip on how to set and dial in your lowprofile reel (baitcaster)

  • [Fishing Tips] Saltwater After Care

    We talk about the simple maintenance and care that you should give your gear after a day on the water. A simple quick rinse of freshwater will knock the salt off of your reels. Keep it a nice light spray as to not knock down salt and impurities down into your reels. That simple hint will help to keep your gear running for a long time.

  • [Fishing Tips] Install/Remove Side Plate on the Komodo SS Reels

    We give a little insight on how to remove and install the side plate of your new Komodo SS baitcast reels.

  • [Fishing Tips] Rigging for Live Bait

    In this video Okuma's Dave Brown gives a few tips and techniques on getting set up and rigging for live bait. Based in SoCal, we have the opportunity to fish live bait and have it pretty readily available. Bait presentation is of utmost importance, and knowing a couple of different rigging techniques is pretty important.

  • [Fishing Tips] Setting Up and Using Chum

    There is nothing like setting up at the island and seeing great current. This can be said for any coastal waters around the world. One effective technique to bringing more fish to the boat is with chum. Shea from Stoked On Fishing gives us a few tips on using the Chum Buddy. Its a matter of drawing fish out of hiding and getting them fired up to feed.

  • [Fishing Tips] Lubricating Your Makaira Lever Drag

    In this episode of Okuma How To, we walk you through the steps of lubricating and caring for your Makaira Lever Drag Reels. Pretty simple process and these steps will keep your reel up and running for a long time.

  • [Fishing Tips] Dial in your Baitfeeder Reel

    We go through the steps of getting your new baitfeeder up and running and getting it dialed in for optimal performance. This goes for the Coronado SX, Trio BF, Avenger BF and Ceymar BF reels. The secondary drag system is built for live bait fishing, but there are many other uses as well such as dough bait fishing for trout.

  • Lubricate Your Spinning Reel

    We often get asked what the best way to service your reels are. Here is a quick video from lead Okuma technician Scott on how to properly lubricate your spinning reels.

  • Getting Dialed In on Your Baitcast Reels

    Okuma offers a couple of different breaking systems on their baitcast reels. There have an external magnetic as well as an internal centrifugal system. Okuma's Dave Brown gives a little insight on how to gain access, as well as how to get your reel dialed in for better castability. This includes the Helios, Helios SX, Komodo, Komodo SS, Cerros and Epixor Reels.

  • Lubricate Your Baitcast Reel

    One question we get quite often is what sort of maintenance to do on your new baitcast reel. Be it the new Komodo SS, Helios SX or one o the many other reels in the lineup, self maintenance is fairly simple. This video gives a thorough explanation and walk through on how to prolong the life of your reel and keep it running smoothly. Okuma Lead Service Technician Scott Rodriguez talks us through his 4 Points of Lubrication.

  • Choosing Braided Line Vs. Monofilament

    James from In-Depth Outdoors gives us a little insight on choosing braided line vs monofilament line when fishing