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Based in Taiwan, OKUMA FISHING TACKLE CO., LTD. is a Ceymar Rod | fishing rods and reels manufacturer in sporting goods industry.

Quality and affordable fishing equipment - such as Fly Rods, Float Rods, and Spinning Rods; fishing reels including Spinning, Baitcast, Trolling, and Fly reels, they are all made with advanced materials and dynamic designs, since 1986.

OKUMA FISHING's fishing tackle is your best choice for freshwater and saltwater fishing. With over 31 years of fishing equipment experience, OKUMA FISHING delivers excellent quality fishing rods and reels in order to meet each customer's demands.

Ceymar Rod

Okuma Ceymar rods feature ultra-sensitive and responsive carbon blank construction, seaguide XO anti-tangle 316-stainless steel guides, fore grip specifically designed so reel seat threads are not exposed.

- Ultra-sensitive and responsive carbon blank construction.
- Seaguide XO anti-tangle 316-stainless steel guides.
- Zirconium guides inserts reduce friction.
- Modern VSS reel seat with cushioned stainless steel hood.
- Ergonomic shaped, hard EVA handles
- Fore grip specifically designed so reel seat threads are not exposed
- Aluminum with durable EVA end cap.
- High quality cloth bag package.

Ceymar Freshwater Fishing Rod

Handle Type A:

Ceymar Rods handle a


Ceymar Rods

Model Action Rod Length Casting Weight(g) Sections Foregrip length Reargrip length Number of Guides Weight (g)
C-S-702ML-1 ML 7'0" 3-21 2-pcs 35mm 240mm 7 + Tip 123
C-S-702M-1 M 7'0" 9-32 2-pcs 35mm 240mm 7 + Tip 128
C-S-802ML-1 ML 8'0" 3-21 2-pcs 35mm 280mm 8 + Tip 141
C-S-802M-1 M 8'0" 9-32 2-pcs 35mm 280mm 8 + Tip 144
C-S-802MH-1 MH 8'0" 15-45 2-pcs 35mm 280mm 8 + Tip 152
C-S-902M-1 M 9'0" 9-32 2-pcs 35mm 340mm 9 + Tip 167
C-S-902MH-1 MH 9'0" 15-45 2-pcs 35mm 340mm 9 + Tip 174