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Based in Taiwan, OKUMA FISHING TACKLE CO., LTD. is a Cortez Rod | fishing rods and reels manufacturer in sporting goods industry.

Quality and affordable fishing equipment - such as Fly Rods, Float Rods, and Spinning Rods; fishing reels including Spinning, Baitcast, Trolling, and Fly reels, they are all made with advanced materials and dynamic designs, since 1986.

OKUMA FISHING's fishing tackle is your best choice for freshwater and saltwater fishing. With over 31 years of fishing equipment experience, OKUMA FISHING delivers excellent quality fishing rods and reels in order to meet each customer's demands.

Cortez Rod

Okuma Cortez rods are the super series for modern sea fishing with both lures and rings/baits. Feature strong put-in 1/3 handle section and progressive, relatively tipped 2/3 blank section, with perfectly balanced action to play big fish like Cod, coalfish, halibut and big turbot.

- Light weight, high modulus carbon fiber blanks.
- Stainless steel highrise guide frames with SIC rings.
- Deluxe Okuma silver label reel seats.
- Hard, durable EVA handle.
- okuma rubber gimbal for sea fishing.
- High quality cloth bag package.
- 3-sec rods supplied in deluxe travel bag.

Cortez Saltwater Fishing Rod

Handle Type A:



Cortez Rods

Model Action Length Sections Casting Weight(lbs) Foregrip length Reargrip length Number of Guides Handle Stype Weight (g)
Cortez with standard style guides
CZ-C-662M M 1.98m 2-pcs 20-30 200mm 300mm 8 + Tip A 287
CZ-C-662MH MH 2.23m 2-pcs 30-50 200mm 300mm 8 + Tip A 298
CZ-C-742L L 2.23m 2-pcs 6-12 200mm 300mm 9 + Tip A 293
CZ-C-742ML ML 2.23m 2-pcs 12-20 200mm 300mm 9 + Tip A 298
CZ-C-742M M 2.23m 2-pcs 20-30 200mm 300mm 9 + Tip A 302
CZ-C-742MH MH 2.23m 2-pcs 30-50 200mm 300mm 9 + Tip A 306
CZ-C-663M M 1.98m 3-pcs 20-30 230mm 340mm 8 + Tip A 309
CZ-C-663MH MH 1.98m 3-pcs 30-50 230mm 340mm 8 + Tip A 320