Custom Spinning Reel (2021 NEW)

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OKUMA FISHING's Custom Spinning Reel (2021 NEW) Manufacturing

OKUMA FISHING TACKLE CO., LTD., since 1986, is a Custom Spinning Reel (2021 NEW) manufacturer based in Taiwan. OKUMA FISHING strives to deliver the ultimate fishing experience to everyone, as well as create the best fishing reels and rods for our fellow anglers, which are lightweight and precise.

OKUMA FISHING delivers quality and affordable fishing rods such as fly rods, float rods, spinning rods; fishing reels including spinning, baitcast, trolling, and fly reels. They are all made with advanced materials with dynamic designs.

OKUMA FISHING's fishing tackle is your best choice for freshwater and saltwater fishing. Both with advanced technology and over 31 years of fishing equipment supply experience, OKUMA FISHING delivers excellent quality fishing rods and reels in order to meet each customer's demands.

Custom Spinning Reel (2021 NEW)

Okuma Custom Spinning Reel features corrosion resistant graphite body and rotor, aluminum anodized spool, soft touch ABS T-shape handle knob and cyclonic flow rotor (CFR) that increases air flow through the ported rotor, increasing drying time and minimizing corrosion throughout the reel.


  • Corrosion resistant graphite body and rotor
  • 3 ball bearings + 1 roller bearing
  • Quick-Set infinite anti-reverse system
  • Aluminum anodized spool
  • Graphite spare spool
  • CFR : Cyclonic Flow Rotor
  • 2 round metal line clips
  • Multi-disc, Japanese oiled felt drag washers
  • RESII: Computer balanced Rotor Equalizing System
  • EFR II : Even Flow Line Roller
  • Soft touch ABS T-shape handle knob
  • Spod version CS : Prespooled with 200m Braid 30 lbs


Even Flow Roller System
Reduce line twists by freely rolling over the line roller without friction.
Cyclonic Flow Rotor
Create “cyclonic” airflow, which significantly increases air around the rotor and allows for a much faster drying time if the reel becomes wet, minimizing corrosion possibilities throughout the reel.
Quick-Set Anti-Reverse
Engage the reel in one direction for rock-solid hook sets.
Rotor Equalizing System
Precision balance and eliminates all spool wobble for perfect alignments and smooth cranking.
Extra Spool
A back-up system or for carrying different line sizes.


Custom Spinning Reel

ModelGear ratioBearingsWeight(g)Line retrieve(cm)Max Drag Force(kg)

Monofilament line capacity
(diameter in mm.)

C-70004.8:13+1622107160.33/370, 0.35/325, 0.38/270
CS-7000S4.8:13+1665107160.20/410, 0.22/340, 0.25/270