EPIX V2 Carp Rod

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OKUMA FISHING's EPIX V2 Carp Rod Manufacturing

OKUMA FISHING TACKLE CO., LTD., since 1986, is a EPIX V2 Carp Rod manufacturer based in Taiwan. OKUMA FISHING strives to deliver the ultimate fishing experience to everyone, as well as create the best fishing reels and rods for our fellow anglers, which are lightweight and precise.

OKUMA FISHING delivers quality and affordable fishing rods such as fly rods, float rods, spinning rods; fishing reels including spinning, baitcast, trolling, and fly reels. They are all made with advanced materials with dynamic designs.

OKUMA FISHING's fishing tackle is your best choice for freshwater and saltwater fishing. Both with advanced technology and over 31 years of fishing equipment supply experience, OKUMA FISHING delivers excellent quality fishing rods and reels in order to meet each customer's demands.

EPIX V2 Carp Rod

Okuma Epix V2 Crap rods are developed with one aim to make the best value for money carp rod in the world. Feature fantastic blank construction with SIC guides, ergo grip construction for extra long casting. Including a spod rod.

EPIX V2 Carp Freshwater Fishing Rod


  • Fantastic blank construction with SIC guides.
  • High quality reel seat
  • Ergo grip construction for extra long casting
  • Eight rods are available including a spod rod.

Handle Type A:

EPIX V2 Carp rods handle A


Epix V2 Carp Rods

ModelPowerRod LengthSectionsForegrip lengthReargrip lengthNumber of GuidesHandle StyleWeight (g)
EP-CA-1202MLML3.60m2-pcsN/A590mm5 + TipA273
EP-CA-1202MM3.60m2-pcsN/A590mm5 + TipA285
EP-CA-1202MHMH3.60m2-pcsN/A590mm5 + TipA306
EP-CA-1202HH3.60m2-pcsN/A590mm5 + TipA360
EP-CA-1302HH3.90m2-pcsN/A590mm5 + TipA371
EP-CA-1203MM3.60m3-pcsN/A590mm5 + TipA306
EP-CA-1203MHMH3.60m3-pcsN/A590mm5 + TipA327
EP-CA-1303HH3.90m3-pcsN/A590mm5 + TipA392
EP-CA-1202XXHXXH3.60m2-pcsN/A590mm5 + TipA389
EP-CA-1262XXXHXXXH3.85m2-pcsN/A590mm5 + TipA497
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