Psycho Perch Rod (2020 new)

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OKUMA FISHING's Psycho Perch Rod (2020 new) Manufacturing

OKUMA FISHING TACKLE CO., LTD., since 1986, is a Psycho Perch Rod (2020 new) manufacturer based in Taiwan. OKUMA FISHING strives to deliver the ultimate fishing experience to everyone, as well as create the best fishing reels and rods for our fellow anglers, which are lightweight and precise.

OKUMA FISHING delivers quality and affordable fishing rods such as fly rods, float rods, spinning rods; fishing reels including spinning, baitcast, trolling, and fly reels. They are all made with advanced materials with dynamic designs.

OKUMA FISHING's fishing tackle is your best choice for freshwater and saltwater fishing. Both with advanced technology and over 31 years of fishing equipment supply experience, OKUMA FISHING delivers excellent quality fishing rods and reels in order to meet each customer's demands.

Psycho Perch Rod (2020 new)

Okuma Psycho Perch Rod features ultra-light high modulus carbon blank construction, and ultimate flex reinforced (UFR) rod tip technology that increases rods lifting power and maximum strength. The rod covers all European styles of perch fishing.

- Ultra-light high modulus carbon blank construction
- UFR: Ultimate Flex Reinforced rod tip technology
- New exclusive psychedelic blank artwork
- CCS Seaguide, 316 stainless steel frame SIC guide
- View blank screw down reel seat
- 3 split EVA handle with rubber cork inserts
- Covering all European styles of perch fishing
- High quality cloth bag

Handle Type :


Psycho Perch Rod

Model Power Rod Length Sections

Wt. (g)


Reargrip length Number of Guides

Handle Style

Weight (g)


PSY-S-632UL UL 1.90m 2-pcs 1-8 25mm 235mm 7+Tip A 78
PSY-S-632L L 1.90m 2-pcs 2-12 25mm 235mm 7+Tip A 81
PSY-S-632ML ML 1.90m 2-pcs 3-18 25mm 235mm 7+Tip A 84
PSY-S-732L L 2.20m 2-pcs 3-18 25mm 235mm 8+Tip A 90
PSY-S-732ML ML 2.20m 2-pcs 4-24 25mm 235mm 8+Tip A 96
PSY-S-732M M 2.20m 2-pcs 7-32 25mm 235mm 8+Tip A 102
PSY-S-772UL UL 2.30m 2-pcs 1-8 25mm 235mm 9+Tip A 93
PSY-S-772L L 2.30m 2-pcs 2-12 25mm  235mm  9+Tip A 99
PSY-S-772ML ML 2.30m 2-pcs 3-18 25mm 235mm 9+Tip A 105
PSY-S-892UL UL 2.67m 2-pcs 1-8 25mm 290mm 10+Tip A 109
PSY-S-892L L 2.67m 2-pcs 2-12 25mm 290mm 10+Tip A 112
PSY-S-892ML ML 2.67m 2-pcs 3-18 25mm 290mm 10+Tip A 115
PSY-C-732ML ML 2.30m 2-pcs 4-24 25mm 275mm 10+Tip B 106
PSY-C-732M M 2.30m 2-pcs 7-32 25mm 275mm 10+Tip B 115