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OKUMA FISHING okuma rods Service Introduction

OKUMA FISHING TACKLE CO., LTD. is Taiwan okuma rods supplier and manufacturer with more than 31 years experence. Since 1986, in the Sporting Goods Industry, OKUMA FISHING has been offering our customers high quality okuma rods production service. With both advanced technology and 31 years experience, OKUMA FISHING always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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  • Helios Rod
    Helios Rod

    Okuma HELIOS rods come with a convenient Fuji EZ Moveable Hook Keeper. This lightweight, yet strong hook keeper attaches and detaches from the rod quickly and easily and can be placed anywhere on the rods. It folds down easily when not in use and comes with two different size O-rings to accommodate different rod diameters.

  • One Rod
    One Rod

    Okuma ONE rods are available for both casting rods and spinning rods, feature ultra light & sensitive 40T carbon blank construction, it’s one of Okuma perfect rods for bass fishing.

  • TCS Rod
    TCS Rod

    The new Tournament Concept Series rods were designed with updated technologies to give anglers a key edge when out on the water. The Tournament Concept Series rods still feature the responsive and durable 30-ton carbon blank construction that has been proven worthy among top tournament anglers. These rods are sensitive and strong helping you to feel the lightest of bites as well as set the hook. There are thirteen models in the Tournament Concept Series family. With four spinning and nine casting models, these technique specific rods have you covered on any application you should choose. The spinning models range from 6-foot 9-inches to 7-foot 2-inches and have posers from Medium Light to Medium. The casting models range from 6-foot 9-inches to 7-foot 11-inches and range from a Medium+ to Extra Heavy. The component system on the Tournament Concept rods has been upgraded as well and feature Fuji K-Concept guide frames to help reduce wind knots as well as Fuji FAZ-Light guide inserts that offer premium performance and compatibility with braided lines. The customized C-40X carbon fiber skeleton reel seat is comfortable in your hand for all-day casting as well as eliminates contact with reel seat threads with the newly designed screw down foregrip.

  • EVX Carbon Rod
    EVX Carbon Rod

    Okuma EVx Carbon rods are responsive, balanced, professional-level bass fishing rods that are accessible to all anglers. All rod lengths in the line offer two options in power. Within this design, bass anglers have one power up or down at every rod length to precisely dial-in the needs of each fishing technique and presentation.

  • Nemesis Rod
    Nemesis Rod

    Okuma NEMESIS rods are available for casting rods, spinning rods and a 4-pcs travel design rod, feature high modulus ultra-light carbon blank construction.

  • Rodster Rod
    Rodster Rod

    Okuma Rodster Rod features Ultimate Flex Reinforced (UFR®) rod tip technology which is lighter than classic UFR® rods, along with supper strong composite & graphite blank construction, full EVA handle with Rubber cork top ring.

  • Inspira Rod
    Inspira Rod

    Okuma Inspira rods feature 30-Ton ultra-light carbon blank construction, Fuji stainless steel top with Alconite inserts, Seaguide XO anti-tangle 316-stainless steel guides.

  • EVX Musky Rod
    EVX Musky Rod

    Okuma EVX Musky rods feature responsive and durable 24-ton carbon rod blanks, Okuma patented UFR® technology increases rod tip lifting power by 3 times.

  • Tactical Rod
    Tactical Rod

    Okuma Tactical rods feature high modulus ultra-sensitive and responsive carbon blank construction, fast tape with UFR® TIP design increases rod tip lifting power by 3 times.

  • Inspira Trout Rod
    Inspira Trout Rod

    Okuma Inspira Trout rods feature 30-Ton ultra-light carbon blank construction with solid carbon tip. The rods are designed to be technique specific for trout fishing.

  • Command Rod
    Command Rod

    Okuma Command rods feature a30-Ton ultra-light carbon blank construction, Army Camou layer special for Command rods, High quality cork combined with the C40X technology.

  • Ceymar UFR Rod
    Ceymar UFR Rod

    Okuma Ceymar UFR Rods feature high modulus ultra-responsive carbon blank construction, Okuma patented UFR® rod tip technology increases rod tip lifting power by 3 times.

  • RED Rod
    RED Rod

    Okuma RED rods feature high modulus ultra-sensitive and responsive carbon blank construction, the fast tape design is specially for RED rods on application.

  • Alaris Rod
    Alaris Rod

    Okuma Alaris rods feature 24T Korean carbon blank construction, light weight SIC guide system and Japanese split handle style.

  • Dead Ringer Rod
    Dead Ringer Rod

    Okuma Dead Ringer rods are Okuma’s largest Pan European rod program, Covering all needs of the modern Lure and bait anglers. Feature light weight 24T carbon Blank construction.

  • Baltic Stick Rod
    Baltic Stick Rod

    Okuma Baltic Stick rods feature high modulus ultra-responsive carbon blank construction, zirconium guides inserts reduce friction, quality Okuma graphite reel seat, ideal for freshwater fishing.

  • G-Control Rod
    G-Control Rod

    Okuma G-Control rods feature ultra-light high modulus carbon blank construction, UFR® sensitive tip and crossed carbon thread improve lifting power and maximum strength. All rods have been designed for specific trout fishing.

  • LRF Rod
    LRF Rod

    Okuma LRF rods feature OKUMA patent UFR® technology on the tip blank, increased rod’s sensitive tip, lifting power and maximum strength. LRF rods include drop shop and tele spin design.

  • Epixor Rod
    Epixor Rod

    Okuma Epixor rods feature 30/36-Ton carbon, ultra-light, slim and balanced blanks and unique use of Bopp (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) blank protect film from damage, during use and transportation.

  • Caspian Rod
    Caspian Rod

    Okuma Caspian rods feature ultra-sensitive and responsive carbon blank construction, seaguide quality stainless steel guides, Okuma graphite reel seat with cushioned stainless steel hood.

  • Vsystem G2 Rod
    Vsystem G2 Rod

    Okuma Vsystem G2 rods feature ultra-light high modulus carbon blank construction, quality anti tangle stainless steel frame guides and Okuma graphite reel seat.

  • Competition Rod
    Competition Rod

    Okuma Competition rods feature graphite composite rod blank construction, stainless steel hooded reel seat with Okuma tooling logo, split grip butt design for reduced weight and improved balance.

  • Aria Egi Rod
    Aria Egi Rod

    Okuma Aria rods feature 40T Toray ultra-light carbon blank construction, Fuji KR stainless steel frame guides, Fuji Alconite inserts reduce friction, Fuji VSS reel seat and Fuji slidable hook keeper.

  • Makaira Saltwater Rod
    Makaira Saltwater Rod

    Okuma Makaira saltwater rods feature carbon composite rod blank technology, ALPS deep press 316 stainless guide frames. The unique integrated butt cap design allows the angler to use the rod with or without a gimbal rod belt, while still remaining comfortable in all fishing positions.

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