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Choosing the perfect rod and reel for a target species can be a daunting task. With the understanding that each species comes in variable sizes and different techniques are best served by different product attributes, we offer the following suggestions to help narrow your search.
Okuma Safina spinning reels are for those who want to get out, cast to fish and enjoy the places fishing takes them. Ultimately simple in design, Safinas deliver competent handling in a wide array of fishing techniques and applications. Complete with a multi-disc oiled felt drag system, machined aluminum 2-toned anodized spool and ball-bearing drive system.
Starting at $18.99
Constructed for all-purpose performance with a 6.6:1 gear ratio in models for both right and left hand cranking, the low-profile Okuma Calera baitcast reel delivers bass, walleye, steelhead and even inshore saltwater anglers a ton of performance for their dollar. A five bearing drive system delivers confident cranking while casting versatility is supported by dual cast control systems. The first is an external adjustable magnetic cast control system and the second is Okuma's internal 8-position Velocity Control System. In tandem the Calera helps angler's master the wide range of bait sizes necessary to be effective over the length of the season.
Starting at $89.99
As easy to own as it is to fish for both right and left handers, the Okuma Tormenta baitcast reel offers simplified styling while retaining a total commitment to performance. Featuring the same frame, machined aluminum spool and multi-disc drag system as the Calera, the Tormenta is all business with a three bearing drive system, single externally adjustable magnetic cast control system, and chromed handle. The Tormenta is a quality piece of equipment that every angler will enjoy.
Starting at $64.99
Dollars invested in fishing rods is no measure of personal enthusiasm for the sport. In recognition of pure enthusiasm, we're proud to introduce Okuma ReFlexions rods. With a priority placed on rod action and fishability above all else, ReFlexions rods deliver tremendous bang for the buck, featuring IM-6 rod blanks and low profile stainless steel guide frames with braid-ready Zirconium inserts. Refined construction includes spit grip cork handles and thru-blank reel seats on casting models to reduce weight and increase sensitivity. Within the deep selection of one- and two-piece models, you'll address every technique for bass and walleye, as well as a multitude of flats species. Be advised: in the absence of a reel ReFlexions rods are at first tip-heavy, but with a reel mounted the additional weight provides a comfortable and agile balance anglers of all skill levels will appreciate. 
Starting at $64.99
Celilo Ultralight
Trout, perch and panfish, all of them are more sporting when pursued with balanced equipment that's appropriately powered. Celilo ultralights begin at just 4-1/2-feet in length and continue to 7-1/2-feet.  Within that range you can choose the perfect performer for dissecting a weedbed, or soaking floating trout bait on a long cast.  Whatever your ultralight passion, Celilo rods deliver great materials and smooth actions that add to the quality of the experience. 

Starting at $24.99
Crappie High Performance
Crappie are perhaps the most available fish in the country, yet for the most part, the available rods to fish for them are suspect at best. The Crappie High Performance series changes that completely. Constructed on agile and responsive IM-8 blanks, these rods are as sensitive as most tournament bass rods, yet offer a beautifully moderate action for casting of light baits and controlling large fish on light line.  Low-profile stainless steel guide frames and split butt handles with premium cork grips finish these stellar little performers. Let's just say that at Okuma, we take our crappie fishing a little more serious than the next guy.  
Starting at $64.99