OKUMA FISHING TACKLE is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of high quality fishing tackle.

Okuma Fishing Tackle The Point Of Connection

As we approach every piece of water, our attention inevitably falls to what lies beneath the surface: beneath the waves, off the point, on the edge of structure, or at the intersection of currents. It’s the fish and their habits, their power and speed that captivate our attention. Through rod and reel we find our connection. Some call it sport. We call it a way of life that’s rich with expectations.

At Okuma Fishing Tackle, our goal is to enhance every encounter. Integrating the latest advancements in materials and construction techniques is a means to downplay the presence of the gear. Eliminate weight and increase feel. Enjoy a running fish instead of fearing it. Button down the drag and go toe-to-toe with complete confidence. Your focus is not on the equipment, it’s on the fish. Wherever your travels take you, from the local pond to distant reef, we’re proud to be your partner in the discovery of what lies beneath.

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Hot Products

  • Spinning Reels
    Spinning Reels

    Spinning reels are an opportunity. Worldwide, they're most often the very first reel a beginning angler picks up, and for so many, they're the only reel type that's ever needed.

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  • Baitcast Reels
    Baitcast Reels

    At Okuma Fishing Tackle we deliver more than fishing gear. We deliver the motivation to hit the water, the energy to maintain focus and the excitement that injects every cast with high expectations.

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  • Lever Drag Reels
    Lever Drag Reels

    Should this be changed to Conventional Reels? Lot more than trolling here.

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