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Based in Taiwan, OKUMA FISHING TACKLE CO., LTD. is a Integrity B Fly Reels | fishing rods and reels manufacturer in sporting goods industry.

Quality and affordable fishing equipment - such as Fly Rods, Float Rods, and Spinning Rods; fishing reels including Spinning, Baitcast, Trolling, and Fly reels, they are all made with advanced materials and dynamic designs, since 1986.

OKUMA FISHING's fishing tackle is your best choice for freshwater and saltwater fishing. With over 31 years of fishing equipment experience, OKUMA FISHING delivers excellent quality fishing rods and reels in order to meet each customer's demands.

Integrity B Fly Reels

Okuma Integrity B fly reels make large arbor performance available to all interested fly anglers. Featuring a patented oversized stainless steel-based disc drag housed in a die-cast aluminum frame, focus on big fish applications. The one-way roller bearing operates on a precision machined stainless steel spool shaft, complimenting Integrity's fierce structural integrity. Flat black color is utilitarian in nature, as Integrity makes its' mark as a workhorse rather than beauty contestant.

- Multi-disc cork drag system
- Roller bearing engages drag system in one direction
- Precision machined stainless steel spool shaft
- ALC: Alumilite diecast aluminum frame design
- Rigid diecast aluminum, large arbor spool design
- Precision machined, brass bushing drive
- Easy-to-change left to right hand retrieval conversion


Integrity "B"
ModelLine WeightBearingsWeight (oz)Line RetrieveFly line capacityFrameSpoolSpool WidthSpool Diam.
I-5/6b 5,6 wt. 1RB 7.0 9" WF-5, 70yds/12lbs AL AL 25mm 76mm
I-7/8b 7,8 wt. 1RB 7.5 9" WF-7, 50yds/20lbs AL AL 30mm 76mm
I-8/9b 8,9 wt. 1RB 8.0 10" WF-8, 100yds/20lbs AL AL 30mm 87mm
I-10/11b 10,11 wt. 1RB 8.5 12" WF-10, 170yds/30lbs AL AL 30mm 99mm
Spare Spools
I-5/6b Spool 5,6 wt. 1RB 3.2 9" WF-5, 70yds/12lbs N/A AL 25mm 76mm
I-7/8b Spool 7,8 wt. 1RB 3.4 9" WF-7, 50yds/20lbs N/A AL 30mm 76mm
I-8/9b Spool 8,9 wt. 1RB 3.9 10" WF-8, 100yds/20lbs N/A AL 30mm 87mm
I-10/11b Spool 10,11 wt. 1RB 4.4 12" WF-10, 170yds/30lbs N/A AL 30mm 99mm
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