Cedros Spinning Reel

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Based in Taiwan, OKUMA FISHING TACKLE CO., LTD. is a Cedros Spinning Reel | fishing rods and reels manufacturer in sporting goods industry.

Quality and affordable fishing equipment - such as Fly Rods, Float Rods, and Spinning Rods; fishing reels including Spinning, Baitcast, Trolling, and Fly reels, they are all made with advanced materials and dynamic designs, since 1986.

OKUMA FISHING's fishing tackle is your best choice for freshwater and saltwater fishing. With over 31 years of fishing equipment experience, OKUMA FISHING delivers excellent quality fishing rods and reels in order to meet each customer's demands.

Cedros Spinning Reel

Okuma CEDROS spinning reels are specifically designed for saltwater use, offer high speed and high strength performance by high-speed gear ratio and rigid aluminum Blade body design, dual force drag system for extreme stopping power and our proprietary high density gearing with a special corrosion resistant coating and customized aluminum jigging handle.

- DFD: Precision Dual Force Drag system
- Multi-disc, Japanese oiled felt drag system
- 4HPB + 1RB corrosion-resistant stainless steel ball bearings
- Quick-Set anti-reverse roller bearing
- Precision machine cut brass pinion gear
- HDGII: Corrosion-resistant, High Density gearing
- ALC: Rigid diecast aluminum frame and sideplate
- Precision Elliptical Gearing system
- Custom blue anodized machined aluminum handle knob
- EVA handle knob on 30-size
- Hydro Block water tight drag seal
- RESII: Computer balanced Rotor Equalizing System
- Narrow Blade Body Design for reduced fatigue


Precision Elliptical Gearing System Precision Elliptical Gearing System
Create less friction during casting for increased distance, greater accuracy, and longer line life, as well as smoother, much uniform drag pressures.
Dual Force Drag Dual Force Drag
Maximize high-end drag pressure, efficiency and overall smoothness.
Quick-Set Anti-Reverse Quick-Set Anti-Reverse
Engage the reel in one direction for rock-solid hook sets.
High Performance Bearing High Performance Bearing
The bearings are more than 10 times more resistant to saltwater than standard stainless steel bearings.
AlumiLite Frame Construction AlumiLite Frame Construction
Provide more precise tolerances for precision gear alignment, maximum castability and ultimate durability.


Cedros Spinning
Model Gear ratio Bearings Weight (g) Line retrieve Max Drag Force(kg) Monofilament line capacity (diameter in mm.) Frame Sideplates Rotor Spool
High-speed spinning reels
CJ-40S 6.2:1 4HPB+1RB 343 38.3" 6 0.30/170, 0.35/130, 0.40/100 AL AL GR AL
CJ-45S 6.2:1 4HPB+1RB 468 40" 9 0.35/160, 0.40/130, 0.45/90 AL AL GR AL
CJ-55S 6.2:1 4HPB+1RB 480 44.1" 9 0.35/260, 0.40/200, 0.50/120 AL AL GR AL
CJ-65S 5.7:1 4HPB+1RB 647 45.8" 11 0.35/330, 0.40/260, 0.50/160 AL AL GR AL
CJ-80S 5.7:1 4HPB+1RB 652 50" 12 0.45/270, 0.50/220, 0.55/180 AL AL GR AL

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